Friday 5 January 2024

Spectacular Phone at a spectacular price!

 I had to purchase a new phone in December 23. My Nokia 6.2 Android phone had served me well but was starting to drop calls and lose messages.

Frankly, being the tight-arse that I am I refuse to pay too much for a phone. 

My requirements:

Costs less the AUD$300

Android 12+

Be from a reputable manufacturer.

After researching different brands, I settled on the Aspera R10 (running Android 13) from the Australian company Aspera.

While Aspera are better known for their "seniors" phones they do have a solid reputation.

The Aspera R10 is a rugged phone, targeted at people who work in environments where a smartphone is subjected to heat, dust, and water (e.g. Electricians, plumbers, etc). 

After nearly a month's use of the phone I have to report that the performance is brilliant, the screen very easy to read, the cameras are good, and the battery life is excellent.

The link to the phone and its specifications: 

Aspera R10 Details

Aspera R10

The biggest difficulty is finding a retailer who sells the phone. I purchased mine from an eBay retailer called gadget.point - it was delivered promptly and was in the official shrink-wrapped box from Aspera.

For a robust inexpensive yet powerful phone I'd strongly recommend the Aspera R10.


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